Makeup Artist Series: How Much to Charge?

I have noticed that I get the same questions over and over in my Makeup Artistry 101 class and when I mentor artists, so I'm going to do a video series to address some of these questions. The first one that I get all the time is, "How much do I charge?". This can be new artists and even more established artists who sometimes struggle to find that sweet spot when they are charging what they’re worth and also being steadily booked.

My first suggestion is to get to know your market, do research online for local makeup artists and outside of your city to find the market rates. This will help you get an idea of what others are charging and what the highest paid artists charge so that you can match or surpass that rate.

Also find out how much your time is worth, for a makeup application it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour so think about how much you are worth per hour. The great thing about being a freelance makeup artist is setting your rates and hours. An example that I used in the video below is:

$50/hour x 5 people per wedding x 50 weddings a year = $12,500 annual income before expenses

To watch the video, click HERE for the Makeup Artistry Video Series.

For someone just starting out and thinking $50/hour (or face) is fine, that is not an annual income anyone can live off of! Another idea is to figure out the annual income that you would like to make and work backwards from that. So if you want to make $100,000 per year, how much will you charge per hour and how many jobs will you need to do per year?

In the beginning it might be difficult to get the top of the market price but as you build your portfolio and reviews, increase your rates incrementally until you get to your desired rate. Consider the cost of your education, makeup kit, marketing materials, website, and taxes when deciding on your annual income because these are all expenses that will add up throughout the year and take away from your bottom line.

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