Hiring a Makeup Artist on Your Wedding Day: The Investment

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Hiring a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day:  The Investment


So you are getting married and you want to hire a makeup artist, and you think that all you are paying is for:

  • Someone to come put makeup on you


...but what you are really paying for is:

  • Years of training and experience to become a professional makeup artist
  • Time and energy spent networking to build relationships with vendors, so the vendors will refer you to the them
  • Marketing so you can find them in print advertising, on internet searches, and on social media
  • An awesome web person to build a beautiful website and get that website at the top of Google searches so you can find them
  • Time and energy spent emailing, talking on the phone, and communicating with you and your vendors to make sure that your day goes off without a hitch
  • The studio where you go to have the trial makeup that is the perfect place to chat about your wedding day details
  • Travel to your location on your wedding day that includes the car they drive in, the gas it takes to get them there, and the time spent driving to and from your location
  • The makeup kit filled with a thousand dollars worth of makeup and supplies of the highest quality
  • Time spent away from what they love so that you can look fabulous on your wedding day
  • Office supplies, computers, phone, and internet so they can even do business
  • Business license
  • Insurance
  • Accountant and book keeper
  • Income taxes that need to be paid

As well as:  childcare, food, housing, bills, and all other expenses that goes along with the cost of living.

We do this because we love it, but it is our job, and we deserve to get paid accordingly.

Do not try to haggle us, we value ourselves, and you should too!






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