Hiring a Makeup Artist on Your Wedding Day: Important Questions to Ask!

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So besides just price, there are some things to consider before booking a makeup artist for your wedding day makeup.  You may want to ask the following questions to make sure they are the right fit for you!


1.  How would you describe your style?
Most makeup artists have a certain style that they work well with, such as beauty makeup, dramatic, or vintage inspired. Their portfolio should highlight their best style of makeup.
2.  Do you specialize in a certain look or technique?
Some makeup artists are well rounded and some specialize mainly in commercial or bridal.  If you have your heart set on a heavily contoured look or dramatic winged eyeliner, make sure that the artist is skilled in that look. 
3.  What makeup brands and products do you use?
This is a frequently asked question, you will want to book a makeup artist that only uses the highest quality products.
4.  How do you sanitize your makeup products and brushes?
You will be able to see at the Trial or Preview session how well the makeup artist keeps their products and brushes clean and sanitized.  Make sure the artist uses disposables, like sponges and mascara wands, and uses only clean brushes.
5.  What is your experience and training background?
A MAC makeup artist and a Bobbi Brown trained makeup artist may have different views of what a beautiful bridal look should be.  An experienced makeup artist should have a Cosmetology license, extensive training from a cosmetic company, or training from a Master Makeup Artist.
6.  Are you comfortable working with all ethnicities?
A well trained makeup artist should feel comfortable working with all skin tones and carry many different shades of foundations.
7.  Will the makeup look great in person and in photographs?
Don’t let a bad makeup artist fool you into thinking you have to have pancake makeup in order to look great in your photographs!  A great makeup artist will know how to make you look fabulous in person and in your photographs.
8.  Do you have a portfolio?
If you do not see images of their work on their website or Facebook page, you need to make sure that they are even worth your time, so ask them to send you multiple images of their work.
9.  How many years have you being doing bridal makeup? 
This is important!  Weddings can be stressful and full of complications, you want a makeup artist that is familiar with timelines and knows how to handle any situation.
10.  Do you have reviews from past clients?
Ask if they are on WeddingWire or ask for references from their clients or vendors that they have worked with before.
11.  Will I have the same makeup artist for the Trial or Preview session and the wedding day?
Imagine doing the trial and then finding out that the artist on your wedding day is not the same person.  If there is multiple makeup artists, make sure you are getting the same one for both.
12.  What happens during the Trial or Preview session?
Find out if you will be able to try out different looks, if there is a time limit, and if the artist would like for you to bring your inspiration pictures.  Also, find out if they will be writing down your makeup look to recreate it on your wedding day.  Your wedding day is not the time for them to wing it!
13.  Will you be available for makeup for my bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or morning after makeup?
If you are planning on booking the makeup artist for more than one event, make sure to tell them upfront of the dates to avoid them being unavailable for your event.
14.  Do you offer traditional or airbrush foundation or both?
Some makeup artists offer both but there is usually an additional fee for airbrush.  Not everyone
is a good candidate for airbrush so ask your makeup artist to break down the pro's and con's of each.
15.  How much time do you need for each person on the wedding day?
The amount of time will greatly effect the timeline of the day.  If you hire one person to do hair and makeup services, you will need more time than if you were to hire a separate person for each service.
16.  How many weddings will you be doing that day?
Make sure that you have their devoted time, and that they will not be rushing out on your day, because they have over booked their day.
17.  What if there was an emergency and you could not make it, what would happen?
This is a worst case scenario and any professional makeup artist will do whatever it takes to fulfill their obligations, but it helps to know what would happen should they be unable to.
18.  What is the booking procedure and do you have a contract?
A contract not only protects the makeup artist but it protects the client as well.  Also, keep in mind the response time for your phone calls and emails.  If it takes weeks to get in touch with the makeup artist, they may not be readily available for you when you need them to be.
19.  Will I need to touch up my makeup at any time? What happens if my lipstick wears off?
Find out how long the makeup will last and if it is waterproof.  If you tend to have oily skin, find out what to do and what products to use if you get shiny.  Some makeup artists offer touch-up products or you may need to purchase your own touch-up products separately.
20.  Are there extra fees for holidays or early morning start times?
Know the hidden costs up front.  Other services that might add additional costs are false eyelash applications, touch-ups makeup applications, and services done on a Sunday.
21.  How soon do I need to book services?
Top makeup artists book up fast so make sure not to lose your date!
I hope this helps navigating the do's and don’ts of hiring a makeup artist for you wedding day.  Your wedding day can be stressful time without the right team of experienced vendors, so make sure you trust who you are working with.  My advice is to find a makeup artist that your personalities mesh well, that they have the same vision for your makeup look, and that they are a professional with reviews and a portfolio to back it up!
Of course, if you don't see the answers to any of these questions on our website, feel free to ask us we are here to help!
Updated 8/20/14
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